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Venus and Serena Williams

Line: eleVen

Where it’s sold: boutiques, tennis pro shops, official website

The Williams sisters are known for making vibrant fashion statements on the tennis courts, and both have made their own forays into fashion with clothing lines. Venus Williams, the former No.1 world champion of tennis, launched her ready-to-wear clothing line eleVen in 2007 in partnership with clothing retail chain Steve & Barry’s, which has since gone out of business. Venus is no fashion dabbler: She has a degree in fashion design, which she acquired over eight years from the Fort Lauderdale School of Clothing and Design. So Venus participates in the line’s development during each stage.

Venus is relaunching eleVen with a Spring 2012 line (pictured here) of daywear and sporting looks, some emblazoned with mottos like “Bring It” and “Oh & Oh, Beat ‘Em.”

Younger sibling Serena Williams has the clothing line Aneres and she launched a Black History Month collection this year with Nike.

elevenbyvenus.comInset: William West | AFP | Getty Images