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10 Highest Performing Dow CEOs

After serving as CEO of McDonalds for more than seven years, Jim Skinner announced plans to step down on July 1. Skinner, widely regarded as a no-nonsense CEO,is credited with managing a turnaround of the world’s largest fast-food chain, while significantly improving the company’s stock price in the process.

During Skinner's tenure, McDonald’s stock rose 229 percent. How does Skinner stack up against other CEOs? CNBC’s Analytics team looked at the tenure of each current Dow 30 CEO to track how their company’s stock fared under their watch. The analysis compared stock prices from the time each CEO took office and calculated the stock’s price change through March 21.

Of the 30 Dow companies, 25 have been positive or remained relatively flat since their current CEO took office, with 15 stocks rising more than 20 percent. The worst performer of current Dow CEOs is Alcoa’s Klaus Kleinfeld, whose stock price has dropped 74 percent since he assumed office in May 2008, with the company never fully recovering from the financial crisis. Other CEOs with a negative performance include GE’s Jeff Immelt (-49%), Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer (-41%), Bank of America’s Brian Moynihan (-35%) and AT&T’s Randall Stephenson (-19%).

The following slides include the latest compensation figures, unless otherwise noted. These values account for salary, bonuses, stock, stock option awards, along with other incentives.

So, which current Dow CEOs have seen their company’s stock rise the most during their tenure? Click ahead for the 10 highest performers.

By Paul Toscano & Giovanny Moreano
Posted 22 March 2012

Photo: Frederic Cirou | PhotoAlto Agency RF Collections | Getty Images