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Homes to Float the Boat

While the terms "houseboat" and "floating home" are sometimes used interchangeably, not everyone realizes the distinction.

A floating homesits on a slab in the water and won’t be going anywhere, while a houseboat is capable of propelling to distant lands and moorings.

World travelers may have seen (or even stayed in) the antique wooden boats of Srinagar, India, (pictured here) or the canal dwellings of Amsterdam, but this list also includes modern and green aquatic abodes and quickly escalates to boats nicer than many primary homes of landlubbers.

Although the following floating homes might not all be used as permanent residences now, a boat home does have its appeal to those concerned about rising sea levels due to global warming. One day, owners of buoyant homes may be extra grateful they made the investment.

On a lighter note, they look like a lot of fun to anyone who has sea legs.

By Colleen Kane
Posted 30 March 2012