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Dutch Bachelor Pad

Location: Amsterdam
Price: approx. $437,700
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Length: approx. 95 feet

Anyone who has visited the Netherlands has witnessed the many houseboats on the canals of this sub-sea-level country, where they’re called woonschips or woonboots.The website AmsterdamHouseboats.nl estimatesthe number in the city at 2,000. At first, they were cheaper than traditional apartments, but no more.

The barge-type boat pictured here is 15 minutes from Amsterdam’s city center. You might not guess from the ship’s circa-1927 steel exterior that such a modern, loftlike, yet private five-room living space exists inside. The wood-burning stove andheated floors make it gezellig (cozy). While this is a home on a boat, the engine has been removed—but it’s still more potentially mobile than a cement slab floating home.