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Garanimals is a children’s clothing line founded in 1972. The line was designed to be simple enough for children to coordinate the outfits themselves, an approach championed by no less an authority than Dr. Joyce Brothers, who said that it “helps the pre-schooler to handle his/her own wardrobe. That sense of 'I Can' fosters the child's growing sense of independence."

The brand fell out of favor after the 1980s, and promotion came to a halt. That changed in 2008, when the advertising firm Gardner Nelson + Partners began a new television advertising campaign for the product that ran on the Disney, Oxygen and We networks. The spots promoted a new line of clothes and accessories sold exclusively through Wal-Mart stores, and the campaign was bolstered in 2011 by an increased social media presence on mobile devices. The current spring line features such au courant items as jeggings.