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Highlights From New York

As the last major auto exhibition of the season, the New York International Auto Show often provides manufacturers with one last chance to debut models that weren’t ready earlier in the year. This year’s event is no different.

The show is not only the oldest automotive exposition in North America, it is also typically the highest-attended one of the season. There are at least 31 cars, crossovers and trucks expected to make their debut this year. Manufacturers tend to wait until the New York show to debut some of their best models, making this the most unique and unpredictable auto show around.

The auto industry is once again on the rise with manufacturers such as Honda, Nissan, Chrysler and many others reporting a significant increase in sales in the first quarter. With the continued rise of gasoline prices around the country, there will again be a heavy emphasis on fuel-efficient cars at this year’s show.

To see some of the highlights of the event, click ahead.

By Jonathan Li and John Valentovic
Posted 5 April 2012

Photo: Jonathan Li for CNBC.com