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Luxurious Golf Homes for Sale

The team at Top Ten Real Estate Deals has just compiled the annual list of the most luxurious golf homes on the market. To do so, they dug up information on a few of the private estates of professional golfers. For the rest of this list, they sought out high-end properties located on award-winning golf courses across North America. The resulting ten homes reflect styles from Antebellum to modern. They range from a reproduction of a 17th century British palace to a couple of homes situated on the 18th hole.

While these are private houses, most are nearly resorts unto themselves: They’re gated, they have landscaped grounds, and they come with pools and spas, fitness centers and other personal sporting facilities like indoor basketball courts. This countdown begins at the same place the PGA Tour starts, with a home overlooking the Kapalua Golf Club.

By Colleen Kane
Posted 10 April, 2012