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Best Airport Restaurants

Best Airport Restaurants

What is the deal with airport food? If only some standup comedian would tackle this vexing and universal subject: Airport food is stereotypically lackluster and sold for jacked-up prices by vendors capitalizing on a cranky and imprisoned audience.

Still, that perception is beginning to change as eateries pop up in airports considered destinations unto themselves.

To find some of the most praised restaurants, TripAdvisor looked at the busiest U.S. airports, according to the most recent information from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. They then ran down the airports’ most recently available list of eateries to determine the eateries with the highest Popularity Index rating based on user-generated reviews on

The resulting list of 10 airport restaurants is not exhaustive, but it does reflect the tastes and preferences of the general flying public. This is especially handy knowledge now that food service on flights is rare.

By Colleen KanePosted April 16, 2012

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