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Outrageous American Bars

Most successful bars rely on a constant stream of regulars, who enjoy a place where they can count on the same familiar bartenders, drinks and clientele each time they go in.But for some patrons, it’s the thrill of a new experience or adventurous night on the town that draws them to a bar. For them, theme bars offer not just a place to sit and have a drink, but something akin to going to the theater, where patrons get to be a part of the play.These bars are defined by décor, the food and drink,

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Unbelievable Theme Bars

It’s the weekend and you’re ready for a night on the town. So you might just go and pull up a barstool at your favorite local pub — like you do every weekend — and maybe that’s worked for you for a long time.

But like any good relationship, sometimes you need to spice things up with your nightlife. You need to go somewhere different. Somewhere outrageous. Somewhere you can you tell your friends about tomorrow.

What’ll it be tonight? Do you want to hop in your time machine back to the 1920s and sip absinthe? Or are you feeling like going to a place that’s been described as a “temple to rum?” Maybe you want to spend the night in an ice chamber. Or maybe you want to go someplace that’s as hot as “Heaven and Hell.”

Grab your wallet and your ID, we’re about to try something a little different.

Here are nine of the most outrageous bars across the U.S.

By Joseph O’Dell
Posted 18 April 2012

Photo: John Lund | Stone | Getty Images