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BMW Goes Full Throttle in China

BMW China Dealership - VIP Dining Room

Walk into the BMW Beijing Huadebao Auto showroom and you quickly see why China has become a huge focus for the German luxury automaker.

The top-selling BMW dealership in Beijing is 4 floors, 40,000 thousand square feet centered around the idea of ultimate customer service.

Among the amenities at the dealership:

  • A game room with pool and foosball tables.
  • 2 movie screening rooms
  • A cafe serving coffee, tea and snacks
  • A VIP lounge for select customers picked by the dealership.

The dealership is a template oh what BMW hopes to replicate around China as it moves quickly to keep up with the country's growing demand for luxury cars. In fact, this year BMW will open (on average) a new dealership every week in China.

To put BMW's growth in China in perspective, consider this: in the first quarter the German automaker sold more vehicles in China than in the United States.

BMW's Beijing Huadebao Auto showroom is not the only luxury dealership in the world to focus on ultimate customer service.

In fact, there is an "arms race" of sorts among luxury auto dealers in the U.S. opening bigger, ever more impressive showrooms.

BMW China - Consumer Game Room

But here in China, this type of luxury showroom is still a relatively new experience. The result of China's growing appetite for high end cars.

Sales of luxury autos are projected to jump 24% this year after surging 34% last year.

China has become the world's second-largest market for luxury vehicles and with dealerships like the Beijing Huadebao Auto showroom the race is on to win over luxury buyers.


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