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If you’re looking for a global markets success story, look no further than David Harding, chairman & head of research for Winton Capital.

Described as "one of the pioneers of the hedge fund industry" Harding has been ranked among the top 50 hedge fund managers worldwide by Alpha magazine, and he was listed at 158 on the Sunday Times Rich List 2010.

When Harding launched his firm in 1997, he had $1.6 million in assets. By 2009, As of February 2012, Harding had launched two more Winton funds and his firm held a total of $28.5 billion in assets. The fund has returned on average 18 percent net per year.

How does Harding do it? Fundamentals? Technicals?  Not exactly.

Harding is not what you’d call a conventional investor. He has astronomers – physicists, mathematicians, statisticians and one economist on staff.

How does he work?

Harding tells us “we look at statistical patterns of behavior that we can find by scouring historic market data with computers and then betting these patterns will recur over and over again.”

What's he doing, right now?

"Currently we’re long stocks and bonds, as well as oil. And we have mixed positions in commodities. Also, we’re long commodities currencies and short the Japanese yen," he says.


David Harding rarely does interviews but he spoke with the gang as part of our ongoing Fast Money Portfolio series. Check out our entire conversation. Watch the video now!

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