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Wait, Is Tim Geithner REALLY Going to Dartmouth?

Timothy Geithner

Is Tim Geithner going to Dartmouth? Don't bet on it.

The Treasury Secretary is planning on stepping down after the election, according to people familiar with his plans. But he's not headed to the presidency of Dartmouth college.

The New York Post's Page Six reported today (Tuesday) that the father of Geithner's wife boasted about an offer from Dartmouth at a dinner in New York City this afternoon.

The story even hinted at a bit of corruption.

Supposedly President Obama’s nomination of Dartmouth College President Jim Yong Kim to the top spot at the World Bank was part of a plan to allow Geithner to move up to New Hampshire and take the over at the Ivy League school.

The story just isn't true, my sources at the Treasury say. And Treasury is officially denying it.

"The Secretary will not be president of Dartmouth," a Treasury spokesperson said.

I was able to confirm, however, other bits about the story, which was reported by Jeane MacIntosh, one of my favorite writers at the New York Post. Geithner's father in-law said that the couple is tired of Washington, D.C.

Sonnenfeld also let slip that Carole Geithner “can’t wait to get out” of DC because “she has to hold her nose and entertain all these Republicans.” Sonnenfeld added, according to the witness, “Some of them she actually liked, like Jim Bunning from Kentucky. But now he’s gone. Can you imagine having to entertain John Boehner and his wife, with his fake tan?”

This is accurate, as far as it goes. Although my sources say the Geithners aren't really all that partisan when it comes to their distaste for socializing in the capital city.

"They're just tired of the whole scene. Dems and Republicans alike," one person said.

So what's Geithner's next move? Even people close to him aren't sure.

"I"d bet he takes over something like NYU. Where he can be in New York but not involved in day to day politics," one person who knows Geithner socially said.

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