Businesses Need to 'Embrace Disruption' as Change Accelerates


On Tuesday I'll be reporting all day from Wired's annual "Disruptive by Design" business conference.

Tech Innovation
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It's fitting that in a month when we're expecting to see an IPOfrom what's arguably one of the most disruptive companies of this generation — Facebook — WIRED is gathering leaders to talk about disruptive business practices.

A series of interviews with innovators will shed light on what businesses need do to keep up as the pace of change accelerates — and, as WIRED puts it, "embrace disruption, and let the rest of the world compete on your terms."

We'll find out where the investment opportunity is now, and what the rapid pace of change means for economic growth.

The day will kick off with a conversation with Marc Andreessen, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, the Silicon Valley venture fund that's raised $2.7 billion to back over 100 startups.

In just three years he and his partners have backed basically every important social media company — from Facebook and Twitter, to FourSquare and AirBnB. And they've already made a healthy return on their investments in Instagram, Groupon and Zynga . And let's not forget that Andreessen was one of the big thinkers of the first wave of Internet disruption: he co-founded Netscape. Though Andreessen won't be able to comment specifically on the Facebook IPO, because of the quiet period, we're sure to hear what he thinks is the next Facebook.

We can also look forward to a keynote conversation, with Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. Not only will he shed light on Twitter's business strategy, but his interviews are also quite funny; he's a rare Silicon Valley CEO who trained as a stand-up comic.

Not all disruptors come from Silicon Valley: James Dyson, the inventor behind Dyson vacuum cleaners will take the stage.

We'll also hear from Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford . He'll be talking about the car as "The Ultimate Mobile App" with Wired Editor-in-chief Chris Anderson.

These big names will be joined by a slew of other innovators across a range of industries, such as the CEO of Adobe, Shantanu Narayen, and the co-founder of Kickstarter, Yancey Strickler. We'll report on all the news and game-changing ideas. And with so many big thinkers in the same room, who knows what could happen.

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