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As the CEO of Alberta Investment Management Corp., Leo de Bever is responsible for maintaining and growing over $70 billion in public sector employee pensions.

And although he's allocated the largest portion of his portfolio to bonds, in an interview on CNBC’s Fast Money he reveals that he thinks, “We're at the end of a 30-year bull market in bonds. It’s going to be more attractive to take risks in high quality stocks.”

That comment suggests a theme the Fast traders often talk about is getting underway – something called rotation or the reallocation of capital from the bond market into the stock market.

In this specific case, de Bever likes, “companies that have pricing power, that are defensive and have a good franchise. And (companies that) can increase prices in the face of inflation.”

Three specific names he recommends are Exxon, McDonald’s and IBM .

Taking that thesis a step further, if de Bever's changing attitudes toward stocks is indicative of changing attitudes among other big PMs, it would seem to confirm a thesis presented by famed market timer Doug Kass on April 25th.

“We may be seeing an important reallocation out of bonds and into stocks," Kass said at the time. "It could be very powerful."

In other words rotation could be a catalyst that drives the next leg higher.

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