WIRED's Chris Anderson: 'Disruption Is in our DNA'

Chris Anderson|Special to CNBC.com
Thomas Northcut | Stone | Getty Images

Disruption is in our DNA. Twenty years ago the founders of WIRED set out with the notion that a revolution was about to whip through the world “like a Bengali typhoon.”

It would be driven by technology and would transform business and daily life. They were right.

Today, our job as editors is still to spot the future, identifying the trends, technologies, and ideas that will disrupt the status quo and make the world a better place to live and work.

That’s what you’ll see on stage at the WIRED Business Conference.

From a Silicon Valley icon who always seems to know what’s coming next, to the nimble CEO of a multinational manufacturer, to a maker who came up with a whole new way to fund innovative startups, the future begins here.

Click here for the complete list of speakers for WIRED Business Conference: Disruptive By Design 2012.

Chris Anderson is the Editor in Chief of WIRED and the author of two New York Times Bestsellers, The Long Tail, and Free: The Future of a Radical Price.

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