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CNBC's Squawk Box ‘Book Club Blue Chip Award’ Given to Mezrich and Surowiecki

CNBC Squawk Book Club

Joking that Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin will be very jealous, author Ben Mizrich was awarded the “ Blue Chip Book Award ” from the folks on CNBC’s “ Squawk Box ” this morning for his book, “The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook: A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal.”

Sorkin, of course wrote the award-winning screenplay for “The Social Network” which was based on the Mezrich’s book.

In a fun and lively interview, Mezrich told the Squawk anchors how he likes to find stories (he doesn’t chase the newspapers), how he’s drawn to those who live in that “gray area” (you know the type who blur the lines between right and wrong), and how hard the actual writing process is for him (“it’s like digging in a ditch”).

Mezrich’s latest book, “ Sex on the Moon ” is coming out this summer in paperback.

When asked what books he likes he said “ The Wolf of Wall Street ” and “ Game of Thrones .”

You can watch the full interview with Mezrich here .

AND drum roll please.....

This morning’s other recipient of the “Blue Chip” award was James Surowiecki, author of “The Wisdom of Crowds.” You can watch that interview here .

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