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Got a Strong Stomach? Chesapeake Setting Up for a ‘Buy’: Pro


Considering shares declined 15% on Wednesday, is Chesapeake worth a flier?

If you have the stomach for risk, trader Mike Murphy says go ahead and take a look.

“Fundamentally it’s a terrible story but I think there’s a trade coming,” he says. Murphy thinks a recent filing from Southeastern Asset Management presents the potential catalyst.

They’re the largest shareholder in Chesapeake and on Wednesday they announced plans to convert a passive ownership in Chesapeake to an active stake.

In a filing Southeastern said it may wish to discuss with Chesapeake management or third parties “possible courses of action to assist in building corporate intrinsic value per share or to cause the company’s true economic value to be recognized.”

That suggests to Murphy that Southeastern will agitate for a takeover.

"Should a deal come, I think it comes quickly and gets done in the high 20’s,” he says.

And with the stock trading around $16.75, Murphy thinks either private equity or a big integrated energy company such as Exxon could find a deal very attractive. “Chesapeake assets are valuable and many analysts say for the assets alone, it should trade at $30.”

If you're a risk taker and intrigued, Pete Najarian has a suggestion - watch the options market

“Look to see when big players come in and sniff for upside – I think there will be opportunities to trade this stock but not quite yet,” he says.

It’s worth noting the other Fast Money traders have a hard time getting behind this stock. They all say stay away - 'who knows what's the next shoe to drop?'

“If you’re looking for a nat gas play with terrible corporate governance then this is the stock for you,” chuckles Karen Finerman, “otherwise, why play here?”

In case you're not familiar with Chesapeake's woes, here's a brief synopsis:

Last Thursday, the company landed in the crosshairs of the SEC and IRS due to a program known as Founders Well Participation Program or FWWP, that granted Chief Executive Aubrey McClendon a share in each of the natural gas producer's wells,

A few days later Chesapeake said it would replace McClendon as chairman and end the FWWP  program, though McClendon would remain CEO.

Responding to events, on Wednesday McClendon said, “There's been enormous and unprecedented scrutiny of our company, and of me personally. And a great deal of misinformation has been published, and uncertainty created."

In his own defense, McClendon added: "I will not receive any compensation or benefits…from the FWWP [arrangements] that I have agreed to [forfeit]."

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