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Facebook IPO: Stock Could Double Amid Street Excitement

New developments involving the , are triggering almost giddy excitement on the Street in anticipation of the offering.

Trader Steve Grasso works on the floor of the NYSE and he tells us, on the floor, “you can really feel the excitement. The Street is humming with anticipation.”

Grasso thinks that recent declines in Apple, Google and other Internet stocks are due a growing interest in the Facebook IPO. “I think institutional investors are selling to make room for Facebook in their portfolios.”

And now those big investors have a sense of what they will have to spend.

On Thursday, Facebook priced its initial public offering between $28 and $35 a share.

“I think the stock could double – it could be crazy,” says Grasso. "There’s that much buzz that people are going to trip over themselves to get in.”

Top hedge fund manager Anthony Scaramucci says much the same. “There’s a lot of interest in this stock. I agree that a whole train of investors will pile on in the first few days.”

Scaramucci compares the excitement to something you might see outside a hot New York City nightclub. "It’s just like being behind the red rope and not getting into the nightclub – all you want to do is get in. Facebook is going to trade to a huge premium,” he says.

Trader Joe Terranova doesn’t like what he’s hearing. “It feels to me like euphoric enthusiasm and typically that signals a top,” he says.

Terranova adds that if money rotates out of Apple and into Facebook, “I’d buy Apple on the decline, rather than pay up for Facebook. Apple has much better earnings growth potential.”

In case you’re among the throngs looking to buy Facebook, the company plans to list its stock on the Nasdaq under the ticker "FB"  and it's expected to trade beginning on May 18th.

If the stock prices at the high end, Facebook's market cap will total $95 billion, rivaling's and Cisco market caps of just over $100 billion and surpassing those of older technology companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Dell put together.

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