For Boeing CEO, the Glass is Two-Thirds Full

Boeing CEO Jim McNerney

Boeing Chairman and CEO Jim McNerney re-iterated his bullish stance on the U.S. economy, while calling for lawmakers in Washington to do more to spur job growth.

"For those of us in the global economy, this is a normal recovery driven by global dynamics," said McNerney. "I think for local businesses, real estate, construction it's a quagmire. So that economy is not participating. You add it all up, it's pretty slow."

McNerney sees two-thirds of the economy acting normal, while the other third is not. Getting that other third to grow will require lawmakers to do more.

"I think we need to pursue policies that encourage capital formation and growth. We need to ease up on the regulatory environment where regulators are more in partnership with the greatest economy in the world rather than an adversarial relationship," said McNerney.

Boeing has added 12,000 jobs around the world in the last year, with most here in the U.S.

Speaking at a conference in Washington, DC focused on innovation, McNerney sees innovative technologies being one key to creating jobs. Still, he says lawmakers in Washington need to go further to work together in boosting an economy that is growing at a slower than anticipated pace.

"I am an optimist. I think it's taking too long. I think we're going to come together, it's going to get resolved," McNerney added. "We've wasted a couple of years, but we will get there and we will grow and America will remain a power house in this globe."