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Inevitable Inflation

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Few investors may be worried about inflation now, but ultimately it’s inevitable.

So says, John Brynjolfsson, managing director of the global hedge fund Armored Wolf.

Brynjolfsson knows a thing or two about inflation, he also spent 19 years at PIMCO directing their inflation-protected assets.

Ahead of the broadcast, Brynjolfsson recommended the following investment tools as a way to diversify the portfolio against inflation.

They are:
- Commodities
- Emerging Markets
- Inflation-linked bonds (TIPS)

Although Brynjolfsson concedes in the near-term the environment is deflationary, he thinks its just a matter of time before inflation rears its ugly head.

That's because in an effort to drive the global economy out of its malaise, “The Fed, the ECB, the Bank Of Japan and other central banks are injecting as much money in the system as possible,” he says.

Although they're trying to drive wages, stock prices and housing prices to stimulate growth, at the end of the day – they’re driving inflation.

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