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Best Cars for Commuting

The mean amount of time spent commuting by U.S. workers is 23.8 minutes, according to a 2009 report from the Census Bureau. At first glance, that doesn’t seem so bad. It’s enough time to hear the weather report, drink some coffee and listen to “Free Bird” on the radio. But that figure also signifies that the average U.S. worker is in a car for almost four hours a week. That’s 45 minutes longer than it takes to watch “Titanic.”

With that kind of time on the road a regular fixture in commuters’ lives, the car in which the travel takes place had better have certain attributes. It should be comfortable. It should go from zero to 20 and back to zero to 20 again, repeatedly, with no noticeable wear. And it should be nimble enough to negotiate the tight spaces that open and close in congested traffic.

Kelley Blue Book, the nation’s biggest car valuation company, provided CNBC.com with its list of 10 cars that are the best for commuting. Taking into account such factors as roominess, fuel efficiency and more, these cars were chosen for their ability to make life a little more bearable for commuters. We also added the insight of automotive experts at TotalCarScore.com and Edmunds.com, who told us how these cars hold up in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Read ahead to see Kelley Blue Book’s best cars for commuting.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 10 May 2012