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Regretting That Sext You Just Sent? There's an App for That

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Just sent dirty pictures of yourself to someone who's not your wife? Need to get rid of them quickly? There's an app for that.

Snapchat lets you control how long your sexts last before disappearing.

Think of it as a new age, pervy version of the self-destructing tapes Jim Phelps played on "Mission Impossible" (kids, IMDB that, it was a great show).

"With Snapchat, users can share a photo and it will disappear from the gallery anywhere between one to ten seconds," writes Digital Trends. You can control how long the picture is up, and after it's deleted, it's gone forever.

An added plus, if the receiver attempts to capture the picture to keep it, you will be alerted. "After that, it’s out of Snapchat’s hands; you two are a phone call away from a screamfest to get that dirty picture off their phone,” writes DT’s Natt Garun. “Maybe you still shouldn’t have sent it ... in the first place."

Think how this app might have saved the careers of Rep. Anthony Weiner and Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino! Imagine, Snapchat would have allowed them to stay on the job, sexting away, keeping America great.


Be warned. Snapchat's privacy policystates that it's possible for deleted sexts to not really be deleted. "We cannot guarantee that the message data will be deleted in every case...Messages, therefore, are sent at the risk of the user."

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