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Dress for Success

“Dress for the job you want” goes the old adage. Today’s power dresser knows that clothes are an important part of projecting an image of success and confidence in the corporate jungle.

“Power dressing is about learning to present yourself in the most dramatic way,” said Alan Flusser, owner of a New York-based custom shop for men. “It’s about dressing in a manner that projects importance or success.”

The road to haberdashery success is not as clear-cut as in years past, since employees have much more flexibility in today’s corporate dressing landscape. While the rigid business suit is merely a relic in most office cultures, at least it provided a guideline for office wear. Navigating these new clothing options requires some skill and thought.

To aid the aspiring power dresser, we’ve asked Flusser and other experts — an executive recruiter and department store fashion and stylist directors — for their latest tips.

Click ahead for their advice for dressing the part while climbing the corporate ladder.

By Katie LittlePosted 15 May 2012

Photo: Robin Skjoldborg | Cultura | Getty