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Advice from Gordon Gekko’s Stylist

Flusser, owner of the eponymous Alan Flusser Custom Shop,knows a thing or two about power dressing. In the 1980s, he picked out Gordon Gekko’s outfits for the movie “Wall Street,” and has written a handful of guidebooks for men who aspire to be well-dressed.

“The short answer is that learning how to wear clothes to your advantage rests on two bedrocks or two pillars,” he said. ”You have to know what colors flatter your complexion and what proportions flatter your physique.”

Clothes should lead the viewer’s eye to the wearer’s face. For example, if a person has blue eyes, wearing a blue dress shirt would help frame the face.

Flusser’s second fundamental rule involves learning which proportions of jacket length and shoulder width flatter you the most.

A too-short jacket will cut the wearer in half while a too-long jacket will make the legline appear shorter than it actually is.

“The good news about all of this is we’re not talking about fashion in terms of what length of coat or what width should I be wearing at this point in time to be in accord with fashion,” he said. “We’re talking about determining which length of jacket and which width of shoulder is best for your physique.”

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