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10 Best Cities for Shopping

For those who love to shop, the search for that must-have item can be as fun as owning the actual product. And some cities offer shoppers a bounty of options. So, where are the top shopping destinations around the globe?

To find out, CNBC spoke with a team of editors at Tobe Report,a trend forecasting firm that has been analyzing the retail industry for more than 80 years. To choose the world’s best cities for shopping, the analysts at Tobe compared a variety of city characteristics, as well as what the location had to offer in terms of the ultimate shopping experience. Also included is expert insight on where to find the latest fashions and bargains, along with a listing of their favorite neighborhood shops.

The end result — a diverse list that provides consumers with some unique shopping choices. Click ahead to see the top 10 ultimate shopping paradises.

By Michelle FoxPosted 16 May 2012

Photo: Paul Hudson | Getty Images