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New York

An estimated 8.1 million people live in the five boroughs that make up the city, and more than six times that amount visit. In 2011, New York saw just over 50 million tourists who spent approximately $32 billion on things like lodging, eating and yes, shopping.

From designer labels on Fifth Avenue to knock-offs in Chinatown, there are plenty of choices for those who want to spend a little, or a lot, of cash.

“New York City is known for being a melting pot,” Panella said. “That hits it on the head when it comes to shopping areas in the city.”

Check out:

The Lower East Side and Nolita, which stands for North of Little Italy, are full of the city’s best-kept secrets, Panella said.

Orchard Street is the iconic street of the Lower East Side, where customers can find trendsetters and vintage stores. Be sure to visit David Owens for amazing silk scarves and mint condition dresses from the 1930s, and Daha, which is known for its vintage designer items.

In Nolita, the street to be on is Elizabeth Street. It has an array of boutiques from Erica Tanov to Ivana Helinski.

Across the East River, Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a rapidly growing, trendy area where hidden treasures can be found. Panella suggests stopping in at Jane’s Closet and Le Grand Strip, which has secret events and invite-only live performances.

Source: The Tobe Report | City of New York|| Photo: Jorg Greuel |  The Image Bank