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Athlete Tech Investors

The career of a professional athlete on the field doesn’t last forever. The shrewd ones know that, and for those who want their money to work for them beyond age 40, having a solid plan B is of paramount importance. So they start thinking about ways to invest their money wisely to make it last a lifetime.

Often, athletes will put their money back into sports. After hanging up his jersey, Michael Jordan invested his money in the Charlotte Bobcats basketball team, and although LeBron James is still very much an active part of the Miami Heat, he’s already become a minority stakeholder in the Premier League football club Liverpool F.C.

Some athletes, however, have invested their money in endeavors that have nothing to do with sports. By now, most people have gotten the memo that there’s money to be made in technology, so some athletes have chosen the tech sector as the place to invest in.

Read ahead to see the athletes who have chosen the tech sector as their next arena of competition.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 16 May 2012

Getty Images