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Borre: Facebook Has Dramatically Changed The Way I Hire People

Rona Borre, | Guest Columnist and YPO Chief Executive Network Member
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Facebookhas changed the landscape in which we all communicate.  As owner of an IT talent management firm, it has allowed me to reach a broader audience, from consultants we work with to potential candidates, clients, and co-workers.  Leveraging Facebook can have a positive impact on any organization; the breadth of data available at our fingertips allows us to stay better informed and connected.

Facebook has become an integral part of the recruiting process.  It’s given employers an opportunity to learn more about prospective candidates and has allowed organizations to gain intelligence on a person’s ideals and background.  It’s changed recruiting by providing more access to a person’s background than companies historically have had in the past. Although it’s not a formal part of the recruitment process, there has been a natural integration of Facebook because of how much data is revealed about a person. 

As a staffing firm, we’ve found that Facebook gives a strong indication of a person’s moral values, and we’ve made hiring decisions based on that.  When we are seeking candidates to join a team, it is imperative to know a person’s value system.  Facebook plays a huge factor in discovering who people are and who will be, or is, working for you.  As companies place a larger emphasis on finding employees with the right skill set and cultural match, it’s important to know whether a candidate is aligned with the company’s goals and core values.  You can teach a person how to use a program or system, but you can’t teach them compassion or drive.

The social networking service has also changed the way we communicate with the public. Not only does this offer a new avenue to share information about our organization, but Facebook also provides an additional platform for our company to educate others as subject matter experts on the industry, trends and news, and stay on top of the market.  Doing so lends credibility to our organization and allows us to stay relevant and innovative from a global perspective. Moreover, we’re able to reach a larger audience, thanks to Facebook.  In addition to referrals or marketing, people can find us through channels they are already on. Facebook also gives us an opportunity to interact with people in a different way. 

In the past, the way an employer and candidate communicate has been a formal process.  Facebook has allowed people to communicate on a casual level, allowing both sides to gain better insight into each other’s principles and personality. 

The proliferation of Facebook has also advanced the reach we have as recruiters. We can staff roles halfway across the country from our offices in Chicago. The landscape of recruiting has expanded nationally — and Facebook, along with the progression of technology, provides a platform to connect with people all over the country. Additionally, we’re able to gain better insight on trends and developments, not to mention candidates, on a national level.

From an internal perspective, Facebook has evolved the social dynamics in the office. We have always been proud of the close relationships we build as a team, and through Facebook, the rapport employees have with each other has furthered. We strongly believe in success through building a close-knit team and Facebook has proven to be a great way for co-workers to become friends, interact with and get to know each other outside of work.

As reports swirl around Facebook’s upcoming IPO

, it’s clear how its impact on social networking is priceless.

Rona Borre, president and CEO of Instant Technology, stands out as one of the leading female entrepreneurs in the Chicago tech community. Since founding the IT talent management firm in 2001, the company has become a nationally recognized, woman-owned business enterprise. She has been honored as an Influential Woman in Business by The Business Ledger, Enterprising Woman of the Year by Enterprising Women Magazine and was a finalist in the 2012 Illinois Technology Association CityLIGHTS Awards Prominent Woman in Tech category. Rona contributes to publications such as Staffing Industry Analyst, has spoken on panels regarding entrepreneurship and women empowerment, and is often interviewed as a subject matter expert including a recent feature on CNBC’s Future of Business segment. Rona also serves as one of only three women business leaders on the Illinois Technology Association Leadership Board, tasked with addressing the state’s technology talent gap.

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