Two-Way Street

Facebook: Hating the Stock, Loving the Story?


I'm talking, of course, about Facebook . In its debut Friday it had some ups and downs (thanks in part to Nasdaq foibles) but finished pretty flat. Now today the stock is suffering a bit of a sell-off.

But despite the evident trend of people shucking off the stock, gobs of people are checking out how it is doing. It was our Number One stock ticker look up on the site Friday. Almost five times as many people looked up Facebook stock as the next most popular share (which was Apple ). And it is leading the ticker pack again today.

In fact, we've been seeing many more folks than usual pile into our Web site to check out all things Facebook. Unique visitor traffic was up over 50 percent last Friday, making it one of our more trafficked days of the year.

So even if people don't like the stock, they're liking the story.


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