The Facebook IPO

Facebook More Like Face-Bomb

Mark Zuckerberg ringing the Nasqaq bell.

Still waiting for your buy and sell orders on Facebook to clear? That's ok, it's only money. A lot of money. Your money.

In honor of the most astounding trading event of the year,Josh Brown renamed the Facebook IPO "Face-plant", which I thought was pretty funny.

Let's not stop there.

Here are some other suggestions, some from me, some from Twitter:!/janewells

    • IPOcalypse
    • Flash-book
    • Face-schnook
    • Fleece-book
    • Face-bomb
    • Saving Face
    • Fade-book
    • Fece-book
    • MyFace
    • Betamax
    • Hoodie-winked
    • Face-cooked
    • FaceX (couldn't get its rocket off the ground)
    • Sh*tfaced
    • Fail-book
    • Face-broke

Thanks to @turtletrader59, @sjhammack, @todaytrader, @rewashednews, @j2lovesfriday, @Dman5353, @TimBiegler, @oppy435, @mtuscano, @Midas_Money and @CredibleLA for helping rebrand the most high-anticipated IPO of the modern era.