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Best Dressed CEOs

When Dress For Success came out in 1975, it set rigid rules for executive attire: The “proper” colors for a suit were blue, gray and beige; the most “authoritative” suit was a dark pinstripe; and the “most acceptable” dress shirt was white or solid colors. (No dresses here; The Women’s Dress For Success Book didn’t come out until 1977.)

Today, there are no rules, other than being put-together from head to toe, no detail spared. The proper colors are ones that work with your coloring, the most authoritative clothes are ones that fit impeccably, and pretty much any shirt, dress or jacket is acceptable if it projects the right image for your company and industry. Dressing for success means finding the look that works, and sticking to it.

“There’s a power to looking consistent,” says Jon Patrick, creative director of men’s custom clothier J. Hilburn. “It makes you seem focused.”

Here are the CEOs who have it down pat.

By Gail Belsky, Special to CNBC.com
Posted 22 May 2012