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Facebook: The Song — Yes, We're Serious

A sign with the 'like' symbol stands in front of the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California.
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Some people may not "like" the way the Facebook IPOhas gone, but don't tell the singers around the world you’ve gathered to say "Thank you" to the social networking giant.

Thanks for what?

For bringing us all together on one platform where all of our data can be harvested!

However, this song is not a parody.

This is an actual tribute to Facebook.

Lyrics include:

Everyday - you lift me up
When you notify me
Makin' the news - when I share
What's goin' on with me
Play a game, app or chat
And "Comment" when I please
Stay in the loop or in a group
and "Like" what I see -- hey yeah

What's not to "like"?

Well, I’m not here to judge. Ok I am. The song makes me cringe. What’s really cringe worthy is that the music video was posted as a dedication to Facebook's IPO. We all know how that worked out.

That said, there is much to appreciate about Facebook . It's a great place to stalk my adult children. So, thank you, Facebook, for that. And thank you for sharing my personal information and that of my friends with advertisers. Thank you for making it possible for people I never wanted to hear from again to find me. Thank you for breaking up marriages.

Still, Facebook doesn’t cost anything. Yet. The “Thank you, Facebook” song's lyrics include this catchy line:

"Login - Facebook - it's free and will always be."

Always? Let’s wait and see.

The singers who dedicated their performance to the IPO will now have to live with a public company subject to the demands of investors, and “Thank you”, may turn into “Thanks a lot.”

Will they quit then? Will I? Oh, Facebook, I can’t quit you.

Thanks for that, too.

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