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Summer Friday Survey: Did Anyone Ask the Boss?

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For those of us stuck working on the Friday before the Memorial Day weekend, a survey that concludes that "Summer Fridays" makes employees more productive gives us pause.

First, we're working today. Does that mean we are less productive than those lucky people who have jobs that allow them to take Fridays off, or have half-days on Fridays from Memorial Day through Labor Day? Who's to say I'm not productive?

Not Patron Spirits, sponsor of the survey, who reported that 75 percent of those surveyed said that having a Summer Friday policy would make them more productive workers.

This of course, is all speculation, as only 12 percent of respondents said their company currently has a Summer Friday policy in place.

And Patron neglected to include one very important constituent in its survey: Bosses.

That didn't stop Patron Spirits brand director Jennifer Long from declaring via press release, "Employers take note: Our survey clearly indicates that if you offer people the ability to take a Summer Friday, they'll be happier and actually more productive during working hours.”

And, since this survey comes from Patron, it comes as no surprise that nearly 70 percent of respondents said that  Summer Fridays are a great time to enjoy cocktails with friends or co-workers.

But, consider this: Summer Fridays are a product of the advertising industry, according to Patron's press release. In the 1960s, “New York advertising agencies began to realize that employee productivity on Fridays was close to zero when the summer sun was shining and beach houses beckoned.” The ad guys would rather switch than fight, I guess, and hence, the short summer week took hold among some lucky New Yorkers. And the basis for an ad-pitch was born.

Let us note here that the recession, with employee cutbacks and tighter budgets, have cut into many of those Summer Fridays for ad agencies and everyone else. It's why I am working on the Friday before a summer holiday.

And am being quite productive, I might add. Just ask my boss.

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