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Money-Making Athlete Wives

The stereotype about professional athletes’ wives is they’re not much more than gold-digging arm candy, with few accomplishments of their own. The stereotype no longer applies today, thanks to the efforts of some high-profile women who established themselves well before they married their famous husbands.

Many of the wives of today’s professional athletes are entrepreneurs and business professionals. Some of them have been so successful in their chosen fields they are as famous as their husbands. Sometimes even more so — everyone knows Carrie Underwood but not everyone knows the name of her husband, NHL player Mike Fisher.

What follows is a list of the wives of 10 athletes who’ve made names for themselves as columnists, models, designers and more. They may have married famous men but they may have successful careers ahead of them long after their husbands have retired.

Read ahead to see which wives of professional athletes have made lives, careers and money of their own.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Updated 29 May 2012

Christopher Polk | VF12 | Getty Images for Vanity Fair