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Scary Market Presents Huge Opportunities: Tilson


If you’re among the throngs of investors running for the exits after the lousy jobs number, hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson thinks  you’ve got it all wrong.

A much weaker than expected jobs report spooked the market Friday, after new data said the economy created only 69,000 new jobs. The Street was expecting around 150,000 new jobs.

On the news, the S&P traded down below its 200-day and the Dow traded negative on the year.

But Tilson, who is found of T2 Partners and a CNBC Contributor, says don’t take the numbers as a sign the US economy is going off a cliff or into a double dip recession.

“The economy currently has 132 million jobs – even the miss of 100,000 jobs is within a margin of error,” he says. Although he concedes the US economy isn't great, he doesn't think it's terrible either. Tilson believe the US economy muddles along, growing slowly - but growing nonetheless.

But that's not the only reason he's hitting the buy button.

Tilson also believes doomsayers who are calling for a catastrophe in Europe are missing an important point. “World leaders won’t allow a complete collapse of the system ,” he insists.

Tilson believes lawmakers learned their lesson from the collapse of Lehman and the resulting mayhem that followed. “Also, Europe is very wealthy – they can throw money at the problem – if nothing more I think they kick the can down the road,” he says.

If you agree that the US economy muddles along and that Europe does not implode, Tilson tells us the conclusion is, “stocks are cheap.” And in this kind of environment, Tilson looks for value.

His strategy is buying value stocks that are out of favor. "Citigroup and AIG are trading at half of tangible book – Goldman is trading at a 25% discount to tangible book. We think these stocks are way too cheap.”

And Tilson also tells us he’s adding to his positions in Netflix and JCPenney. "The value is still there," he insists. "When the story is the same and the price is lower – buy more.”


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Posted by CNBC's Lee Brodie

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