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You Can Learn A Lot from the Legends

If you’re serious about investing, chances are you’ve followed a Wall Street whale or two. That’s Street slang for monitoring the buys and sells made by billionaire investors (aka Wall Street Whales) as they disclose quarterly 13F filings.

But in addition to tracking stocks or sectors, pro trader Stephen Weiss believes that there’s also something worthwhile to learn from tracking themes and big picture ideas that made these pros the whales that they are today.

For his new book “The Big Win,” Weiss commenced what would become years of research analyzing the habits of his Wall Street idols, a list of mega-successful investors ranging from famed money manager Jim Rogers to more private pros including Renee Haugerud, Lee Ainslee and more.

”If you want to create wealth, understand how the smartest investors in the world do it,” said CNBC’s Larry Kudlow after reading his book. We read it too.

As a student of the very best investors, Weiss identified nearly 50 takeaways behind their supersized successes. Click ahead to find a handful of those lessons.

By Lee Brodie
Posted 4 June 2012