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Sports Teams with Celebrity Ownership

Lots of professional athletes go on to become team owners, such as Michael Jordan with the Charlotte Bobcats basketball team, and not all of them buy stakes in teams in the sport in which they made their name, like Magic Johnson, who is part owner in the $2.15 billion sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team, and LeBron James, part owner of Liverpool football club.

It’s more unexpected when a celebrity who is best known for dazzling on stage or screen rather than for possessing any athletic inclinations buys a stake in a sports team.

Although in past decades, show-biz figures such as Bob Hope, Gene Autry, Burt Reynolds and John Candy invested in teams, it seems to be getting more common in recent years. Actors, comics and musicians own stakes in teams ranging from football to soccer to soccer that’s called football, and in numerous other sports. Read on to see who they are and the teams they partially own.

By Colleen Kane
Posted 5 June, 2012

Jay-Z: Guillaume Baptiste | AFP | Getty Images