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Governor Walker to Pay for ‘Big Mistake’: Wisconsin Democrat

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who is in the state, made a “big mistake” by going after public unions, Democratic State Senator Chris Larson said Tuesday.

“I don’t know what your beef is with the unions, but unions are what created the middle class and we recognized that here in Wisconsin for the last hundred years,” he said on CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report.”

Larson added that any politician who targets unions will pay a political cost as Walker has.

“The fact that he’s making this a partisan issue is a big mistake and a big mistake for anybody that makes it a partisan issue,” he said. “Unions are what created the middle class and middle class is what’s made America strong, so the fact that he continues to try and go after them with such fervor, it’s only backfiring. He’s the only governor in the country with the recall election, last time I checked.”

U.S. Representative Sean Duffy, R-Wis., took the opposite tack.

“Scott Walker is fixing the problems in Wisconsin, and I think this is a message to every legislator in every state, here in Washington, every governor, every mayor, to say, ‘Listen, fix the problems of your community, and your voters will reward you,’” he said. “I think the private sector is sick of paying for benefits that the public sector gets and they don’t get, the private sector doesn’t.”

Duffy argued that Walker wins in job creation, claiming the Republican governor has created 35,000 jobs.

Wisconsin Recall Roundup

However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a net job gain in 2011 of about 10,000 jobs, according to an ABC News story.

Duffy said that in the partisan landscape, it wasn’t Democrats or Republicans whose votes would determine Walker’s fate.

“The independents are going to decide this race,” he said. “Independents aren’t listening to the radio ads, TV ads. They are asking their school board members, asking people that are involved in this process, saying, ‘Has it worked, or hasn’t it?’ And they are hearing their school board say this is working, we are saving money, they have taken the shackles off. We’re still educating our kids and moving forward.”

Larson took a shot at the out-of-state campaign contributions to keep Walker in office.

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“If he was such a good reformer, he wouldn’t have to go beg for cash from corporate interests from millionaires and billionaires who are out of state, so his reforms are not working in Wisconsin, which is why he’s trying to go to the upper crust to try and get their money to spend in this election,” he said.

Out of roughly $62 million spent so far, Walker’s campaign accounted for about half of that total, with Democratic spending clocking in around $4 million. Other groups accounted for the remaining $21.5 million, according to an ABC News report.

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