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Legally Blind Champion Triathlete Sues Over Rules That Would Blind Him Further


Aaron Scheidies started losing his vision as a child. As his vision worsened from his juvenile macular degeneration, to the point of legal blindness, he said he spun into a deep depression that included contemplating suicide.

One of the reason Scheidies says he’s alive today is because of his love for triathlons.

“Triathlons took away my disability,” said Scheidies, who became a seven-time world-champion triathlete.

This Sunday, Scheidies will be competing goggle-free in the Motor City Triathlon in Detroit. If it were a championship competition, he would be disqualified, since he refuses to wear “Blackout Goggles,” a stipulation made by The International Triathlon Union and followed by USA Triathlon, presumably to even out the playing field among blind competitors.