Two-Way Street

A New Biz News Team: CNBC and Yahoo! Finance

We are forming an alliance with Yahoo! Finance through which viewers and readers are going to get the best of both worlds

Starting today you’re going to see more content…the best of our stories, features and news analysis…directly delivered right onto Yahoo! Finance’s homepage.

That means immediate analysis and commentary on breaking news and market movements from CNBC's top analysts and commentators, (like Jim Cramer, David Faber, Herb Greenberg and Maria Bartiromo —just to name a few), will be front and center for the Yahoo! Finance audience.

This, of course, will go side by side with the news — making interviews and event coverage that are a CNBC mainstay. Indeed, look for our coverage of JPMorgan's Chief Executive Jamie Dimon's appearance on Capitol Hill today and the upcoming Greek elections this weekend. And don't be surprised when you see on-location reports from Athens later this week by CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera produced specifically for Yahoo's online video audience.

And that's just the beginning. In the coming months you'll see CNBC and Yahoo team up more and more in multimedia, producing online video business programs that will be available on both sites. Yahoo already has an impressive stable of online video offerings, like The Daily Ticker. With this alliance, you can expect to see that expand even more.

And that collaboration will extend to in-depth reporting projects as well, like this week's spotlight on Euro-Proof Investing. Moreover, in the context of that special, in-depth reporting we plan to harness Yahoo's massive audience and data expertise to lend insight into how people are viewing certain world events and developments; showcasing the "wisdom of crowds," if you will.

Also, the alliance will be able to leverage the scale and experience of Yahoo's massive audience.

Our award winning CNBC content, thanks to the heft of Yahoo! Finance , will now reach a combined, unduplicated online audience of more than 40 million people. You can read more about the details of the alliance here.

It’s pretty exciting for us. And we think it will be even better for our readers and viewers.


Allen Wastler is managing editor of Follow him on Twitter @AWastler. You can catch his commentary on CNBC Radio. And check out his fiction.