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Popular ETFs You Should Never Use: Pro

Exchange traded funds are among the more popular ways to trade. Called ETFs on the Street they allow investors to diversify risk through a basket of stocks.

A pro like trader Steve Grasso of Stuart Frankel who works on the floor of the NYSE, can barely move a foot or two without hearing “Buy the XLF or get me out of the GLD, now!’

But these and other popular ETFs may not always be your best bet.

According to Matt Hougan, IndexUniverse president of ETF analytics, there are alternative ETFs that aren’t as widely known, but may actually better serve your needs. He profiled five of them on CNBC's Fast Money. They follow:

Sector                        Widely Traded         Hougan’s Alternative
Gold                        GLD                            IAU

Looking at the GLD, Hougan says the IAU holds exactly the same thing. “It’s plenty liquid and owning it is about half the cost of the GLD.”

Sector                        Widely Traded         Hougan’s Alternative
Financials                XLF                            IYF

Hougan says this is something of a popularity content. “People know the XLF ." However, the XLF only tracks large caps. (Click here to see top holdings on Yahoo! Finance.) If you want exposure to the entire banking sector Hougan recommends the IYF for “the full spectrum.”

Sector                        Widely Traded         Hougan’s Alternative
Junk Bonds              JNK                            HYG

Hougan says most investors don’t know that JNK is further out the junk spectrum. “The HYG holds slightly higher and safer securities," he says.

Sector                        Widely Traded         Hougan’s Alternative
Dividend Equity        DVY                            HDV

“DVY was first, so everyone knows it,” explains Hougan. And the ticker is memorable. However, he explains that HDV focusses on higher yielding securities as well as lower volatility securities making it preferable for many retail investors.

Sector                        Widely Traded         Hougan’s Alternative
Small Caps               IWM                            VB

Hougan doesn’t like the IWM because it tracks the Russel 2000 and is subject to rebalancing. “Instead VB provides exposure to similar companies but avoids the rebalancing issue.”

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Posted by CNBC's Lee Brodie

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