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Frontier Airlines Improves Inflight Entertainment Options


Inflight entertainment options just got a little better on Frontier Airlines.

An Airbus A318 with the logo of US company Frontier Airlines is seen on the tarmac of Hamburg Finkernwerder airport.
Joern Pollex | AFP | Getty Images

Frontier today announced new variable pricing and more programming for the DirecTV service it offers to passengers flying on their Airbus fleet equipped with the satellite-based technology. The upgraded entertainment will now offer access to 24 channels of television and three movie channels for a price ranging from $3.99 to $7.99, based on the length of flight.

Previously, Frontier charged a flat $6 fee for access to the DirecTV service and a separate $8 fee to watch the movie channels no matter the length of flight. The changes take effect July 1.

The new bundled pricing for the service is as follows:

  • Flights less than two hours: $3.99
  • Flights 2 — 3-1/2 hours: $5.99
  • Flights longer than 3-1/2 hours: $7.99

Elite-level frequent flyers who fly a minimum of 15,000 miles or 20 segments in a calendar year on Frontier will get the service for free. Those who purchase less restrictive Classic or Classic Plus fares directly on the airline's website will also get the service for free.

Even though I load up my mobile devices with programming to watch while airborne, I do appreciate an alternative option. Especially when a sporting event is on and I find myself on a plane with live TV.

Other airlines offering DirecTV service include JetBlue and United Airlines .