Cloud Problems: Apple's iCloud Users Experience Outages


Apple's iCloud was experiencing some down time Wednesday afternoon.

The iPad and iPhone maker's website confirmed the outage on its "Support" section and stated: "Users may be unable to access iCloud services. Normal service will be restored ASAP."

For some users, mail may have been slow or unavailable and photostream may have also been unable to reset. However, these issues have been restored, according to the company website.

Noticeable slowness first started occurring around 9:40 AM PST with periodical fluctuations of performance until an initial failure at 10:31 AM PST, according to data from Apica, a performance monitoring provider for cloud and mobile applications and websites.

Spotty performance continued to fluctuate between 10:51 AM PST and 11:06 AM PST, according to Apica.