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Financial Analyst

Degree: Epic Renaissance Literature

How do you take a degree in epic Renaissance literature and turn it into a career as a financial analyst? For Elle Kaplan, CEO of Lexion Capital Management, it was easy. “I had to read with a skeptical eye,” she said. “I use the same skills when looking over Wall Street research," she told CNBC.com. This critical eye has been key in making smart investment choices.”

Her major has also helped her in her consultations with clients. “In older literature you really have to examine word choice and intention, and when working with clients on matters as personal as wealth I have to be careful about my word choice,” she said.

In addition to her literature major, she also had a minor in chemistry, which she insists has come in handy as well. “There’s an entire science to investing,” she said. “These things behave in definable patterns, like a science experiment. It’s not based on crystal ball gazing. There’s a scientific approach to risk and reward, and that’s how you make money. I ignore the marketing spin and focus on the data.”

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