No Tweets for You: Twitter Keeps Going Down

Source: Twitter

The social media website Twitter experienced some down time Thursday caused by a 'cascaded bug.'

Users in the United States and abroad reported not being able to refresh their Twitter feeds or load the website.

"Users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter," said a Twitter spokeswoman. "Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue." She said that users can access the Twitter status blog for the most current information.

Twitter Announces Issues With Service

Twitter later said it had fixed the problem, stating "The issue has been resolved and all services are currently operational," but it wasn't long before the site was down again.

The company then posted another status update stating the problem is an "on-going" problem and engineers are working to resolve it.

Twitter said later in the day that problem came from within its own system.

"Today's outage is due to a cascaded bug in one of our infrastructure components. We'll provide updated information soon," the company said in a tweet.