Money in Motion

Euro Sags, Rupee Slips, Safe Havens Lift

Summit worries weigh on the euro and India's rupee can't get a break - it's time for your FX Fix.

Concerns about sputtering global growth and the upcoming sent the euro lower. [CNBC]

The dollar and the yen rose on demand for safe havens after the Bank for International Settlements warned of the limitations of loose monetary policy. []

India announced a number of measures to support the ailing rupee, but investors had hoped for more. [WSJ]

A dollar shortage in Asia is giving China an opportunity to promote the use of the yuan in global trade. [FT]

China's yuan rose on heavy demand from local banks after the dollar neared a seven-month high earlier in Asian trading. [WSJ]

As expected, Spain formally requested aid for its banks. [CNBC]



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