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Lightning Round: Sprint, Bed Bath & Beyond, Baytex Energy and More

Sprint Nextel : Cramer likes Sprint but suggests waiting for the pullback since the stock has moved so much. He said he's getting bullish as the brand keeps rolling out new products.

Bed Bath & Beyond : "I need to see a total breakdown in this name before I can tell you, this is where I want you to come out and buy," Cramer said. There are just too many sellers in the stock right now.

Baytex Energy : Cramer is worried that falling oil prices are causing all of these trusts to ratchet down their distributions as well. He says don't buy right now.

Parker Hannifin : "You can't buy Parker Hannifin," Cramer said. Because it doesn't have that magical 4 percent floor — the dividend yield that has served as de facto floor for many stocks that have lost their luster.

Molycorp : When the market's bad, you really can't get involved in that kind of spec, Cramer said. It will not hold up under scrutiny.

Frontier Communications : Cramer does not believe this stock's dividend is sustainable. "Hold off!" he said.

Kimberly-Clark : This stock's been terrific and doles out a good yield, Cramer said, especially since oil and gas prices came down.

Zynga : Zynga may actually be a decent spec play, he said. The question is, what is the traffic flow and can the firm make money off of game coins? His guess is the stock bottoms at $5.

Ironwood Pharma: Cramer would like to research this stock further before he makes a call on it. He plans to address it on a future broadcast.

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