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15. Pharmacist

Average Salary: $112,160
Current Employment: 272,320

Pharmacists are not only responsible for dispensing prescription drugs, but they also provide patients with information like potential side effects and correct dosage amounts.

Pharmacists are required to have a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.), a 4-year professional degree. They also must be licensed, which requires passing two exams.

The highest paid pharmacists in the country are found in the sparsely populated states of Alaska ($125,330) and Maine ($125,310), according to the BLS. The third highest paying state, however, is California ($122,800) with 22,960 currently employed in the profession.

California is also home to the three highest paying metropolitan areas for this occupation: El Centro ($163,410), Napa ($140,230), and Santa Cruz-Watsonville ($140,220). While these cities have the highest pay scales, the rest of California drops the individual state incomes below Alaska and Maine.

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