American Greed: Season 2

When Greed and Giving Collide Evidence Files

The Takedown

The Spring Arbor Accounting Professor, Albert Meyer, helped bring a multimillion-dollar charity scam to an end. (Source: KP)

A Visionary?

John Bennett, a former drug counselor and founder of the Foundation for New Era Philanthropy, made a name for himself in the elite Philadelphia philanthropic circle. He led seminars to teach charities how to operate and raise funds. (Source: Public Record)


Hans Finzel, the CEO of the international ministry WorldVenture, was one of the many organizations that contributed to Bennett's foundation. Initially, the international Christian ministry was skeptical of contributing, but a visit to the New Era offices eased their doubts. After the first return on their initial investment, the ministry was hooked and contributes roughly $3 million over two years. (Source: KP)


Albert Meyer gave the Wall Street Journal reporter, Steve Stecklow, a tip on Bennett's scam. After Meyer provided proof, Stecklow further investigated the foundation and published a front-page article exposing the Foundation for New Era Philanthropy as a fraud. (Source: KP)

The Confession and Apology

After being uncovered by the Wall Street Journal and filing for bankruptcy, Bennett made a video apologizing to his staff and charities. Bennett said, "Did I ever intentionally set out to hurt anyone? No!" (Source: Public Record)

The Team

Assistant U.S. Attorney Rich Goldberg and FBI Special Agent Jerria Williams helped to get Bennett indicted on 82 counts including bank fraud, wire fraud and money laundering. (Source: KP)

Charities Continue to do a Good Deed

Bankruptcy Trustee Judge Arlin Adams urged investors to give back the money they were given by the Foundation for New Era Philanthropy. (Source: KP)