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Damon A. Silvers
Damon Silvers, Director of Policy and Special Counsel, AFL-CIO

Damon A. Silvers is director of policy and special counsel for the AFL-CIO.

He is also the deputy chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel for TARP and amember of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s investor advisory committee.

Silvers is also serves on the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board’s standing advisory group and investor advisory group.

Prior to working for the AFL-CIO, Silvers was a law clerk at the Delaware Court of Chancery for Chancellor William T. Allen and Vice Chancellor Bernard Balick.

He is a prolific author. His work includes Securities and Exchange Commission: Restoring the Capital Markets Regulator and Responding to Crisis, published in Change for America: A Progressive Blueprint for the 44th President (2008), and The Legacy of Deregulation and the Financial Crisis — Linkages Between Deregulation in Labor Markets, Housing Finance Markets, and the Broader Financial Markets, published in The Journal of Business & Technology Law (2009).

Silvers graduated from Harvard College, summa cum laude, received a J.D. with honors from Harvard Law School and earned an MBA with high honors from Harvard Business School.